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TRUCE makes devices smarter, workplaces more efficient, and employees safer. It’s easy. It’s seamless. It’s how we make work better.

Watch this one minute video to get a brief overview of how TRUCE can improve productivity and reduce distracted worker liability in your workplace.


Contextual Mobile Device Management: Creating Policy Flexibility

We know that your company is unique, and we know that your employees use mobile devices differently at different times. That’s why TRUCE developed the first-of-its-kind, patented Contextual Mobile Device Management platform. With CMDM you decide what apps can and cannot be used in certain situations, based on your specific policies. TRUCE automatically adjusts access to apps and features by recognising when a device is being used in those situations. Configurations can be based on:


Someone working on the factory floor has different responsibilities and requirements than the person driving a vehicle. Groups can be configured as broadly or as specifically as you need, giving you flexibility and control.


Our app knows if an employee is in a Vehicle Zone, a Heavy Equipment Zone, or any dangerous Location Zone and automatically activates. It isn’t just a warning sign: it takes proactive enforcement of your policies to boost safety.


The TRUCE system can be configured to adapt to activities, and is smart enough to know when one activity has stopped. For example, you can set a policy for a driver, and have it only be active while they are driving.

TRUCE Mobile App

Our mobile app can be easily installed on every employee mobile device, whether you use company devices or BYOD. And, it works on both iOS and Android operating systems. TRUCE seamlessly works only in the zones or during the actions you think require more concentration and fewer distractions.

TRUCE can be configured for use across multiple zones, helping you coordinate and understand actions and fine-tune your processes. It helps you manage app behaviour when it needs to be, and never when it doesn’t.

TRUCE Mobile Dashboard

Dashboard analytics are available to your employees on their mobile device which depicts the amount of time spent in different managed and non-managed zones. This allows for a clear understanding of where their time is being spent throughout the work day. Employees can use the dashboard to identify opportunities to be more efficient with their time and get more done.

TRUCE Management Console

We know this sounds complicated: managing multiple policies across multiple devices on potentially multiple worksites (and even on the road). It’s not. Our management console generates rules that are active or inactive depending on employee, zone and activity. Built-in reports make it easy to modify policies, understand employee behaviour, and get a fuller picture of what happens on every jobsite. It’s another way you can manage the mobile workforce.

What’s a Managed Zone?

Managed zones are any work environment where you can’t afford to have distractions get in the way of employee safety or productivity. Managed zones could be a company vehicle, a piece of heavy machinery, a call center floor or even a warehouse. They can be identified based on movement, like driving a work truck or a running engine, or simply by being in a particular location. Managed zones align with your unique policies aimed at managing mobile devices in the workplace.

Improve Safety and Limit Liability in Any Workplace

Mobile devices have transformed the way we work, from boardroom to the warehouse floor. By giving employers discretion over mobile device usage in the workplace, TRUCE helps you unleash the potential of your workforce. We’re working with you and your team to make work better.


Your employee is on the road for a few hours, whether that is on their commute or a delivery. You can help make sure they have their eyes on the road while in a company-owned vehicle.

See how we make driving safer

Heavy Equipment

Cranes, forklifts, jackhammers- there is a lot of heavy equipment that needs attention. When employees are engaged in managed activities, you make sure that they stay focused on what matters.

Make your worksite safer

On Premises

On some worksites, there are a lot of moving parts, and attention and focus are key. When they are in this zone, the TRUCE app is activated, keeping their phones from buzzing and preventing habitual scrolling.

Protect your office

The Cost of Distraction White Paper

Employers are faced with the additional risk of negligence if their employees use mobile phones while driving a company-owned vehicle.

View this Resource

TRUCE In Action: A Day in the Life


It’s Tuesday morning, and your employee has been dispatched to a customer location. As they start driving, they check their phone’s navigation app to see where they’re going, but they can’t watch highlights from last night’s game on their device.

Heavy Equipment

At the customer site, your employee needs to operate the bucket lift on the truck. They keep their phone in their pocket but TRUCE keeps all alerts, pings and notifications from coming through until the bucket lift motor is switched off.

On Premises

As your employee is making their way through the garage to the breakroom, they need to keep their eyes out for trucks pulling in and out and equipment being moved. TRUCE manages access to distracting apps so your employee stays focused on what they are doing.

Non-Managed Zones

Enjoying lunch in the breakroom, your employee can finally check out that video clip, return some messages, and flip through some postings. TRUCE works everywhere it should, and never where it shouldn’t.

Make Your Mobile Smarter and Make Work Better

Let’s get rid of the pings and vibrations that claim all our attention. TRUCE helps your business reduce accidents, increase efficiency, improve worker safety and create a better workplace. Find out how. Schedule a free demo today.

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