Protect Employee Privacy at Work and at Home

TRUCE’s unique, award-winning platform is dedicated to protecting privacy by emphasising flexible solutions that work in the workplace and turn off when employees are off the clock.

Improve Work By Putting Your Employee First

Respecting privacy is key to putting your employees first. Our system allows for managed access during work hours and while on company equipment. By increasing safety, we help your employees get the job done and arrive home safely.

Prevent Distracting App Usage With Contextual Mobile Device Management

You don’t need access to an employee’s phone beyond installing the application. You don’t need to monitor specific usage. You set managed zones based on time, day of week, proximity, movement and user or workgroup. It’s how we respect privacy while maintaining safety.

We don’t record. We don’t read. We just protect.

Stay in Touch with Those Who Matter Most

No one wants to be completely disconnected these days. We make sure your employees are able to receive calls, when safe, from a dedicated “white list” of family, relatives, or key team members – you define the white list.

Your employees can contact anybody they need without being distracted by everybody.

Not at Work? It’s Automatically Shut Off

Our app only works within the defined work zones that apply – on a jobsite, in a vehicle, in the office. We make sure that the private and work life are completely separate.

You don’t need to know everything an employee does. You just want to keep them safe.

Easy to Deploy on Personal and Company Devices

Whether you embrace BYOD or supply company devices, our app can be automatically pushed to all of your mobile devices leveraging your existing MDM solution or using ours when you don’t have one. It is non-invasive and easy to use for the employee or team leader.

Tablet, phablet, or phone: TRUCE is the easy way to eliminate distractions and make work better.

Features & Benefits

Employee safety and privacy work hand in hand. TRUCE respects both, making sure that employee safety is never compromised by distractions or restrictions. See how we help you make work better by putting the employee first.

White List Apps

Keep running the apps that are needed for work and safety.

Emergency Bypass

When an emergency happens, there’s no time to waste. We never block access.

White List Numbers

Family. Schools. Work. They’ll get the calls they need.


We’re not collecting or selling information. We’re promoting employee safety.

Create a Stronger Company Culture Built on Privacy

When employees know that you are looking out for them, morale improves, and teams work better. You are eliminating distractions at work while respecting their lives and privacy. See what it means to eliminate distractions

Improve Productivity

Improving safety and empowering employees makes you more efficient, improves compliance, boosts reputation, and increases productivity.

Empower Employees

We live in distracting times, but eliminating those distractions allows employees to do their best work individually and as a team. Unleash employee potential.

Increase Safety

Eliminating distractions makes employees safer behind the wheel, on the site, and even in the office. Reduce accidents by improving focus.

Eliminate Work Place Distractions and Make Work Better

TRUCE helps your business reduce accidents, increase efficiency, improve worker safety and create a better workplace. Find out how. Schedule a free demo today.

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