The Truce Executive Team

Leading the way to protect what matters. Leading the way to make mobile devices smarter.

The TRUCE executive team is made up of people who just want our mobile world to be safer, more productive, and less distracting. We love our devices too. We’re just dedicated to making sure they are used correctly, in context, and that companies are able to do what’s right for them and their employees.

Joe Boyle — CEO

A SaaS expert and angel investor, Joe has turned around or started-up a dozen companies or divisions. He’s introduced new lines of business and business models, overseen geographic expansions, and integrated acquisitions.

Joe looks for problems to be solved in systematic ways, which includes building the right team with the right people and giving them the tools they need to succeed. This approach has led him to serve over 40,000 customers, from Fortune 100s to SMBs, the businesses that drive our economy. Joe’s brought that experience to TRUCE, where he’s built the right team to handle every problem, to work together, and to create the solutions that make the workplace better and our world safer.

Every business can learn a lot from hockey

“Hockey moves fast. You fail a lot. Even the best players get knocked down hard. But we all have to get back up. It’s the same in business- I want to help our teams work together, keep getting up, and moving the puck. The chemistry we create makes a huge difference for our customers.”

– Joe

Joe Breaux — CTO

Joe is a tinkerer and an inventor- he builds things that work. He placed in the top 10 in a nationwide automated trading competition while still in college. (Granted, he lost the prize money using the trading machine, but he’s still working on it…) He has 6-8 patents with another half-dozen still pending.

Joe has led the development of TRUCE’s entire suite of products, providing both the technical nitty-gritty and the big picture. He loves the challenge of making mobile smarter, and solving how to make a communication device less distracting, even though it is the nature of these devices to distract.

It’s also in the nature of video poker for the player to lose, but Joe figured out a way to beat that, too. He makes things work.

I like to build things that have never been built before

“I like making software do things it was not originally intended or designed to do. Take how we’re making mobile devices temporarily unable to be a distraction. They were designed to facilitate communication, yet our goal is to suspend that communication. This goes against the core of what those products intended and therefore presents a “challenge”. It’s that challenge of being able to solve the impossible, the things others fail at solving, that drives me.”

– Joe

Kathleen Finato — CMO

Kathleen knows how to get stuff done. She’s brought more than 25 products to market, ranging from plastic laboratory supplies, to video streaming service and mobile handsets such as the RAZR. She’s helped companies expand their presence and awareness in over a dozen new geographies, including Argentina, Australia, Brazil, France, Italy, Mexico, and the Netherlands. She’s argued sponsorship rights with both an NFL Commissioner and an IndyCar owner.

Throughout her career, she’s learned that what matters is getting the right information to the right people at the right time. Kathleen helps our customers learn how to make work safer and more productive. She understands what people need to use mobile better, and helps them find what they are looking for. She helps brands, companies and employees improve their awareness.

Whether you’re in marketing or running a factory, you want people to pay attention

“My passion is to get people to sit up and take notice. That can actually be more difficult when everyone is looking at their mobile devices. I get what it means to be distracted, and I know how that can be dangerous sometimes. So I want to help companies improve awareness and stop people from focusing on all the distractions that come with our addiction to mobile.”

– Kathleen

John Goggin — Head of Global Sales

John has had the kind of sales career that creates some eye-popping numbers. Building six companies from the ground up, he’s helped more than 50,000 companies get what they needed to succeed. He’s trained and led some 5,000 sales representatives, teaching them how to understand and meet customer expectations.

That dedication to understanding customers has been honed over a lifetime of sales pitches. John and his teams are driven to match their clients with the tech products they need to make the world safer and more efficient. With more than 2,000,000 flight miles under his belt, John knows that a safer world benefits everyone.

I want to help you get the technology you need to solve problems

“We’re trying to stop what I call “phone-on-the-seat” syndrome. Everyone suffers from it, to some extent, even when they aren’t driving. But if my team can connect our customers with the technology that helps manage their distractions, well, that’s a safer and more productive world.”

– John

Steve McKinney — SVP Operations

Steve spent 8 years in US Army Intelligence, with assignments in Panama, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, and more. He worked on reopening the US Embassy in Vietnam, and on the turning over of the Panama Canal. If there is a big project with a lot of moving parts that requires attention to detail…Steve’s on it.

Steve was a charter member of the ASP Consortium in 1999, running multiple commercial data centers and managing multiple early ASP and SaaS offerings. Or what we now refer to as the “Cloud.” Steve even helped to set up a disaster recovery center right before Hurricane Katrina where people could go to access their data. He ended up helping to provide shelter, food, and clothing for over 700 people.

That’s the kind of service that we bring to our customers, every day.

Information only works if you use it the right way

“Since the beginning, intelligence has been about balancing the need for information with the ability to use it correctly. That’s what we do: we make sure that information doesn’t become a distraction, and that mobile devices can be used in a way that works for everyone. I want to make sure that our customers, and their employees, are safe.”

– Steve

John Nannehorn — SVP Finance

John builds teams, and that’s what he does everywhere he works. He’s helped lead technology, consulting, telecommunication, manufacturing, and software organizations from the size of start-ups to ones with $750 million in revenue, and everywhere he goes, he creates a team-focused environment. At TRUCE, John leads the finance, accounting, HR, and administration team whose members work hard and patiently endure his litany of dad jokes.

Having run the Chicago Marathon seven times, John knows how to look at the long game while focusing on every step. His love for numbers, mapping the course with strong budgeting and forecasting, fully understanding and explaining the results, and safeguarding the assets of the company along the way, John will help guide TRUCE quickly to the finish line.

Business can be a marathon. Let’s finish it together

“There are a lot of times that it feels like miles and miles to the finish line. But working together as a team helps us get there. When we look at what our customers need, what our company needs, and how we can get there together, it gets us to that ribbon. It makes everyone a winner.”

– John

Matt Riley — VP Enterprise Sales

Over the course of a 30-year career, Matt has worked for great companies like Pepsi and USAA, and partnered with others like Home Depot and Apple. Over those years, he’s logged many miles, working coast-to-coast, as well as a 7200-mile commute to Tel Aviv. He’s racked up millions of air miles, visited hundreds of corporate and regional offices, and has gone through five roller bags, three projectors, and countless pairs of dress shoes.

Needless to say, those experiences have helped him understand the unique challenges that large enterprises face, and he’s leveraged his experience to help large companies solve big problems, including how to keep fleets safe and efficient. He’s proud to have participated in market-leading next-generation products and services that help large brands and enterprises deliver better experiences, drive efficiency, and the top and bottom line.

Life is an adventure, but we can work to make it safer for everyone

“At TRUCE, we’re saving lives and increasing productivity by helping enterprises eliminate mobile device distraction in the workplace while delivering bottom-line results. I’m really excited to be a part of the next generation of mobile device management with a higher purpose.”

– Matt

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