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Managing the Change Mobile Devices Have Brought to the Workplace

Technological Innovations Drive Business Forward … And Complicate Things Technology and organisational change have always gone hand in hand. Introducing new technologies to a business can have a significant impact on even the most basic business processes. Take for example the introduction of desktop word processing in the mid-1980s. At the time, most offices would […]

Save Lives, Save Money: The Case For Using Distracted Driving Software Solutions

The question of what is distracted driving is easily answered. Yet, the problems associated with distracted driving have become so entrenched in society that the question demands to be asked repeatedly. On a basic level, distracted driving means driving while not paying full attention to the road. Straightforward, right? Then why is it so hard […]

The Next Generation of Workplace Safety

Beyond the Hard Hat and Hi-Vis Vest: The Next Generation of Workplace Safety Over 200 years, workplace safety has seen dramatic gains. Concerns about workers in their environment were born in Europe with the labour movement during the Industrial Revolution. Through this revolutionary period, workers organized and demanded improvements in working conditions. Governments responded and […]

The Value of Keeping Score – Think Like An Owner

Several years back, Jack Stack wrote the best selling business book, The Great Game of Business. The story summarized Stack’s work with SRC Holdings after his purchase of the company from International Harvester (IH). Buying the company from IH, in partnership with the employees, Stack quickly realized that he needed to teach the coworkers how […]