Eliminate Workplace Distractions by Making Mobile Smarter

What if mobile devices could make your employees safer? What if they could curb distracted driving and unleash your team’s productivity? They can. TRUCE™ makes your mobile devices smarter. We help you work better.

Dedicated to Safety, Productivity, and a Smarter Workplace


The World has Changed: Mobile Devices are Everywhere

Mobile devices can be a source of distraction, or a way to make your workplace smarter, safer, and more productive. We believe that if you can enable just those apps and functions that are relevant to the task while minimising the interrupting pings, buzzes and other diversions, mobile devices can unleash employees in every field to do their best.

Improve safety. Boost efficiency. Protect employees’ lives and their privacy. It’s not only a solution: it’s how everyone wins.

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What it Means to Make Mobile Smarter

Smarter mobile means that you reduce distractions in a way that works for your business. It means a platform that advances your company goals. It means transforming the culture of your organisation from bottom to top.

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Enhance Safety ›

Whether you’re on the floor or behind the wheel, distractions can be dangerous. We help employees stay focused while driving and on the job.

Protect Your Reputation ›

Employees working out in the field are like a mobile billboard for your brand. We help you protect your reputation as a company that values employee safety, privacy and productivity.

Improve Productivity ›

When employees are safe, free from distraction, and happy, communication and productivity see increases. Let smarter mobile devices speed you up.

Keep Compliant ›

Avoid fees, paperwork, and potential legal troubles by using technology that lets you automatically stay in compliance with all relevant regulations.

Business is Better When You’re Preventing Distracted Driving

But how much better? We commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact study to help us find out.

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How It Works

How do we make mobile smarter? By making it easy for you to get the information you need to analyze behaviour and make adjustments. It’s fast, flexible, and designed for your organisation.

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Mobile App

We provide your organisation with the ability to suspend the communication features and mobile functions that you determine are distracting to enhance safety and productivity.

Management Console

A built-in data collection and reporting tool that provides actionable insights into employee behaviour and trends. Knowledge is the power to improve every process.

Safety Without Compromising on Privacy

At TRUCE, we’re dedicated to protecting the privacy of the employees who use our Mobile App. Our award-winning platform emphasises solutions that work in the workplace and turn off when employees are off the clock.

Make Your Mobile Smarter and Make Work Better

Let’s get rid of the pings and vibrations that claim all our attention. Minimising distracting mobile app usage protects employee safety and protects your crucial information, whether you’re running a fleet of trucks or managing an office. TRUCE helps you protect what’s most important and enable a smarter way to be mobile. Schedule a free demo today.

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